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 Mt. Ontake overlooked from Mt.Noko
● Welcome to our homepage.
This is to introduce our hometown "Hichiso", peaceful small town in Gifu Prefecture.
Here, you can know various aspects of our hometown. We feature "SHISHIMAI" dancing lion, stone Buddha, wild flowers, and much more of our attractive scenery. Further, we introduce our volunteer activities.
You also will find interesting information on dams, such as amount of water storage.
Please don't miss our collection of useful sites as well.

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The last update: 15 Jan. 2019

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The lion dancing sites

Sasara in Ishihara   Takada-shrine's page  Arajisi of Kamo

Lion dancing in Sengokuhara  Lion dancing in Unbin  The grand festival of Noma shrine

Chinese Lion dancing  Osaka Lion dancing Club  Lion dancing in Nonomiya

The Maki Lion dancing preservation meeting  Lion dancing in Toyama  Lion dancing in Oose Yashio

Lion dancing in Himi  Oomiya-Suwa shrine in Nagano   Lion dancing in Kushiki

Ruriji Lion dancing in Nagano  Lion dancing in Hyougo

Lion mask specialty store Arai   Black lion dancing in Kabuchi  Lion dancing in Akane

 Lion dancing in Sue  Lion dancing in Uchita  Lion dancing in Inashiro  Maniac for Lion dancing

Hasigo-sisi in asakura  Lion dancing in Yamagata  Lion dancing in Hidaka City  NORI's page

Sisiyado IBUSITEI  Japanese Flutes shop Hoseido  Lion dancing in Ebashira

 kansaishishikyoubukai    '11.01.06 

The wild flowers (Orchid) sites

  Nature of Hakodate   Wild flowers(containing spots)  Orchid Jungle 

Wild flowers romance  The world of Ebine  TAKASAKI'S HOMEPAGE  update: 9 May '98

The water's sites

Water service in Japan  Japan Water Works Association  Water Resources Development Corp

The tank of PUREKO  The forum of a river  The meeting of Japanese rain water use

Shima-kun  Kawasan's homepage  River-net  The science museum of water

Great water account of a trip at the Heisei era   '08.09.24  

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